On the way to my shoot!


Wow !!
Hey everyone! Wow I haven’t posted a blog in ages! Both my apple computers went down on me from overload lol. I guess it’s has it’s perks to be overloaded though! Anyway things are amazing! And just wanted to type a quick post to let you know I will be with my web designer updating this site and adding lots of new pics and news etc! And writing a longer blog. If you haven’t already show your support by following me on twitter @copyrightmonroe or I can’t say too much, because Its really special but I will say this much I’m taking music to a whole new level! Let’s make history together! The surprise is that good with god willing. Thank god for everything everything. It’s never ever easy guys. But don’t ever give up! Never. And you’ll get there… Anyone that needs promotion we can double up and promote together. If we all just help each other by returning the love, the world would be a happier place. My mission is to be positive and enlighten but yet so dynamic and talented. And most importantly UNIQUE xoxoxo
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Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween! Please remember not to drink and drive.1st News – I have a new SECTION on my website entitled ANGEL VIDEO. check that out daily or weekly for new awesome videos and video updates! Next: I have two youtube pages. My MAIN page I will be doing a new blog segment , called “Angel’s Secrets” it will be a “How to & Style” Beauty secrets!!! I have some amazing stuff planned to share with you! Some also benefiting Men!!! So show your support and subscribe to my channel. And watch my weekly blogs, behind the scenes, Out & About,On Set, Travel Adventures with Angel, Angel’s Secrets,Blogger Monroe, Random Funnies, On the set, Movie clips and MORE!!!!! Subscribe to Official You Tube Video Page : YOUTUBE.COM/ANGELMONROE143 BY CLICKING BELOW “ANGEL MONROE TUBE” Channel AngelMonroe143 
The News is FINALLY here!
Hey Everybody! Hope you are all enjoying your summer. The news is finally here!!! It’s been a long time coming, been hectic. Now I have some time to write and upload and do the things I need to do, to share this news. My movie FINALE as you may or may not know was bought out by Image Entertainment. It also was shown in select theaters all over Internationally ,all over the U.S.A, and Los Angeles. In Theaters like Mann Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Sunset Lamile 5 in West Hollywood, Silent Theater In Los Angeles and many others.It is now out on Dvd and can be purchased at


Netflix and Amazon along with many other video retail stores including Amoeba, in West Hollywood, Ca.

This film won many awards and has become a huge success and I am honored to be apart of it and see my film go to hulu Click—> See Angel in FINALE the Movie .Rent or Buy Click HERE Hits Feature Film Finale Check it out here
AND HERE—-> playstation

RENT Angel Monroe’s Movie Finale on NETFLIX Feature Film Finale Check it out here and etc. Below for your enjoyment is clips of me in the theater watching my film on the BIG SCREEN! And in the movie theater getting my popcorn and candy as well as pics of the new DVD! More to come soon, so check back! God Bless, Angel

PS. If for some reason you cannot view the Movie Clips below simply click on this link and it will redirect you to them!! THANK YOU ENJOY!

Angel’s Video Channel Here

Arriving at the Movies to see my film “Finale”

Walking into the theater to grab seats!

Of course I had to have my IPhone just for you, to record a couple of my scenes off the big screen! While I’m in the audience watching. ?

Ending Credits Angel as “Jeanette”



Dear Friends and fans, Sorry for the inconvenience , My website was temporarily down. I am In process of making a New Flash Website for my acting, However I decided I will most definitely be keeping this website as well for a little of everything!. Now in the mean time you can also type in WWW.ANGELMONROEMODEL.COM And it will take you right to my website here!!! Also I’m sure you’re wondering what iv’e been up to since its has been awhile since my last blog. I have Amazing updates for you. I’m very grateful for my family, friends, fans, and people I work with it. I have live video of my updates as well. I have been waiting to announce this for 2 months now, and It will finally be up on my site this week. So check it out. check back for the News! Thank You to All , Angel Monroe God Bless


TV update!
My episode from the tv show ‘Solved’ is also airing on TRU Tv as an extended version called ‘Forensic Files’ One of my favorite shows! it is a more in depth version , so there are more scenes with me playing role of Tiffany. I was sitting up late watching one of my favorite tv shows and it came on here.Be sure to check out Finale on you can rent it now.
Rent Finale Feature Film on Netflix
Hey Everybody, I hope everyone is enjoying their spring! I just wanted to fill you in on the horror movie ‘Finale’ I did, won best Independent Horror Film in several states and has recently been bought out and sold! You can now rent it here at Netflix.Com By clicking the link here –> Feature Film Finale Check it out hereAnd it will soon be available in several rental video stores on DVD. Thanks!


Just a Quick Note!

I am Happy and Excited to let Everyone Know I will Have new photos & a Brand NEW Website soley for my Acting stuff this Summer!!!! It will feature some Modeling Pictures as well, But it will be more Business orientated for industry professionals. Im super excited!
I’ll have more acting videos hopefully, before that one launches on this site as well as more of my personal videos on you tube. I’m in the process of changing my channel name so check back here for daily updates.
Im excited to launch this new site!!! It showcases a new side of me , the side I grew into. This site will be edited a lot more often as well, with new photo’s and news.
Check here facebook and twitter for resume and schedule news because the resume and schedule posted on this site is way way out of date, so I will be updating schedule news here when blogging and my resume thru IMDB. Thanx for all the love and support.. God Bless, Everyone.


NEW News- 2 recent Tv shows & more!!
If any of u see tv or saw me. Please know it is scripted, I was asked to do the show as a favor for a Casting Director/friend of mine, and after winning the show I was told I had a chance to win money and I could keep whatever I won, which I did!I took the role as a chance to practice and act outside of my character and I knew they would act as if its real. No one would do the show and it would be boring if they all went on real dates with no drama and script. That’s how it’s casted. They do a casting call for actors! Just like the hills etc .There was a lot said to make interesting television some of the things that were said I didn’t agree too, but I was already tied in. They even reminded me not to mention I am an actress or it would ruin the show.

It’s clearly over the top for TV to make higher ratings. The problem here is some people are so gullible to not know most shows filmed in L.A. are scripted in some way or another. They believe everything they watch and read, when in fact only 1/3 of it is real ,and the rest is ‘entertainment’ or fabricated. They do not know the difference between the ‘Entertainment World’ and the ‘Real World’. Guys it was acting- it is what I do. I hope u were entertained lol!

National Cable Tv Show #2 Airing on 3 Networks!

So for all of you who missed Solved on TLC, Discovery, and Investigation Network. You can now order it online for only $1.99 and it will also be available on my website later on. I have short Blonde curly hair in the show!! It’s a murder mystery show where I play Tiffany and also Dana’s Girlfriend. It will be up on my IMDB page soon!!! Yay, here’s the info!!

Angel Monroe Actress Television and Film Credits CLICK HERE Angel Monroe Actress
NETWORKS: TLC, Discovery ,Investigation Network
ROLE I PLAY: Tiffany & Dana’s Girlfriend
SYNOPSIS: On a what seemed like a quiet Easter Sunday, a millionaire, his wife, and their daughter Tiffany are all found shot to death in their California Home, with a long list of potential suspects, investigators spend three years investigating every piece of the puzzle and make an arrest that shocks everyone.

I will try to have that video for you on my website as well as others which include
Short Film ‘ Mother’s day’ where I play role of ‘Paris’
a clip from my feature film ‘Pusher Girls’ where I play ‘rachel the ditzy blonde’
Along with clips from the pilot I did this summer ‘The Immoral Dr. Dicker’ (By Long Shadow Films) where I play the role of ‘Margaret- ‘The richest woman in suburbia’

For all my fans. Thank you, for your love and support. please check back daily for updates


im sooo proud of my mom. She is the best person in the whole world!! She said I inspired her to live out her dream and she opened her own spa!!! here is the billboard that is used for advertising in FLA !! yay!!!! love u mom!!!

hi all! wow time flies ! it’s been sooo long since my last blog. I have plenty of updates for you! My movie American Asian is now airing on tv internationally! I am plan on doing a girls night at my house with popcorn, martini’s and t cup dogs only lol to watch my movie. very excited! Finale The Movie – Feature Film has been sold!! It also premiered at the MANN Chinese theater in Hollywood. as well as nationally and at the Laemmle’s Sunset 5 movie theater in West Hollywood. It won several awards and best new horror in 3 different states. Im very proud of everyone who produced this film. Cheerleader Massacre2 Feature Film is ready to go to DVD and rented in select video stores as well as sold at Amoeba Music , in West Hollywood. Solved the TV series where I play Tiffany in a ‘Murder Mystery Show’ aired on Discovery Channel and TLC-Look out for re-runs I have a short curly blonde hair in it. My imdb credential’s for this will be up soon. My makeup catalog for Mica Bella Cosmetic’s is finished and being sent out. My California N Main Catalog for Miss Ca pageant gowns is finished and printed and I will be picking up copies this week! My episode for Conan o’ Brien late night has aired on NBC , before his last episode aired., he was such an awesome, nice person with a great sense of humor and it was a pleasure working together. Finally I have a new national television show I did this summer which airs March 2nd. Details and re-run dates and times will possibly be announced later due to Disclosure Agreement. I’m sure a lot of you will see me. Look out, let me know and keep checking back! I plan on doing a few new shoots in March im super excited! Personally, just been busy decorating my place . I love design .Since I am very creative person . My clothing line has not been forgotten, it’s in process to also be launched online as well as on my website for sales during′. Thanx for checking in! and all the love and support! I look forward to posting my new shoots soon!!!! xoxox Angel Monroe


hey guys im bringing more videos soon i booked a reality show about upcoming star actors in Hollywood called hellbent for Hollywood. I also posted few new pics of me on NBC cohen O Brian in portfolio n new videos for u from my heavy dot shoot. in “the spotlight” section, from one of my latest bikini shoots i hope u enjoy . xoxox angel monroe
Wow has it really been this long since my last blog entry?

Hey all thanks for checking in I have been so busy that I have not yet updated my website, well I don’t have my new wifi in yet cause I just moved so waiting on that ,living on the beach kinda avoided the beach for awhile cause I’m from fl n grew up there n love the city came to la to b in the heart of the city now still city but peaceful love it n still la of course anyway been busy booked a pilot part of trophy young wife /richest women in suburbia really cool part, booked a movie part I auditioned for, I was out of town n flew back just to make it to set n they mixed up my flights booked me on the wrong flight the late one n it was delayed 3hrs so I missed that cause they were wrapped by time I got there, so sad but next day went on a audition for modeling for a cosmetic campaign n catalog booked it n did a catalog shoot next day loved it got lots free makeup too, yesterday I met Conan o’ Brien I will have pics soon I got to work with him on Conan o’ Brien n it was awesome it was at NBC studios n we shot right by my house in Santa Monica it was cool will be airing any day now having my friends TiVo it cause still hooking up my cable, it’s Martin birthday so on way to Vegas , that’s all for now more updates n pics soon ,oh n trying to get in shape again for new photos for u;-) till next time, -Angel


Cant get it all..

Wow. Been working non stop on 12 Angry Women. Loving it has been a tight schedule and over booking is crazy right now. I wanted to focus on one thing and give my all. so put my auditioning on hold and started to improve and give my best while i had rehearsal daily & as it got closer to the show.  2 feature film call backs that couldn’t be rescheduled .But was so Honored and caught off guard to be given that call back. . I’m still hoping i can get them to reschedule a separate individual booking or work on another one of their projects in the future…This happens a lot in the business. you always have to be ready and wish u could do it all. I missed a few things but talked to casting and may be cast again later this year for a couple of them. One of the Feature Film call backs, they want to shoot me for another project later this year. so it all works out. but its My mind is so focused on this show. There’s 9 shows. All the hard work is paying off though if it wasn’t for 12 Angry Women . i wouldn’t booked all these. Cause it brought me back into focus and practice. Its well worth it and i wouldn’t change a thing! Everything happens for a reason. I gained much industry respect and some industry press doing this as well as some amazing friendships. I will receive an actress credit and associate producer credit for 12 angry women. Im excited and it has and will continue to help me grow, and challenged me as an actress. Restoring discipline and hard work. So happy to be working again after my long break and grateful that I am getting these opportunity’s. Well I have a show to run too..Thats my update more soon. thanks for checking in.



Hey everyone hows it going?? I been hectic. I started to get back into the swing of things and booked the first audition i went on and worked all feb. on a shoot. Also landed 3 call backs… WHICH IM STOKED ABOUT Im doing a huge production based off the CLASSIC OSCAR WINNING MOVIE 12 ANGRY MEN- It’s the first time in Los Angeles there has ever been a played done of 12 Angry Men with WOMEN!! Open to the public for 20$ admission.casting directors, and agents get in free with their business card. we are doing 9shows!! And i was doing this and working in auditions. so literally I got off book in 2days of intense practice(meaning knowing the whole book without looking at it). ITS NOT like film there is no cuts and takes, and it hard to know your que’s or when to say your lines cause instead of 2 actors their is 12 all the time- continually in all three acts!! Its the most challenging thing I have done! and i thought it would be a great way to tune up on my acting. and challenge myself. Memorizing a Whole ENTIRE PLAY WITH 12CONTINUOUS ACTORS in a matter of a few days for me was very challenging!!! Im really excited. There are postcards and tickets and press kits for the show. The movie and play is based off a true story. and I love Law.. Here’s the synopsis.. if you like to get tickets or come to the play or reserve a seat and come see the show contact by email at – . HERE’S THE SYNOPSIS: “This riveting drama being seen in LA for the first time, speaks about twelve women who are sequestered in a jury room deciding on a murder case. A life or death issue for a teen age Latino boy. This is A fierce drama..each woman trying her best to do the right thing. Their personal views and opinions constantly getting in each others way. One says what sounds like the truth, only to be corrected, sometimes violently, by others. At one particular point..blind rage takes over and then we see what these women are made if. They are forced to reckon what personal truths about themselves.. pointed out or brought about by the cruel words of the others. These are women of the 1950’s. They are , unknowing pioneers for the women and daughters who will come just a few yrs later. Come and Meet these significant Characters..they are women from all walks of Life..all backgrounds. These characters represent real women and the millions like those who created change in our country and the world.


Hey everyone! after taking a long year off. im back! been so hectic personally and professionally haven’t had time to update my schedule. or my space etc. I will be doing that soon as i can. to keep u posted. Im happy to be back doing what i love.!! its been awhile. ha ha. and will have more updates soon. ps. the store will be updated and fixed soon and all your photo’s will be sent out!! thanx again for all the continued support! angel
Happy NEW year!
Dear All, Im back :-). wow. 2008 was quite a long break for me. Even though I was still working as well as traveling non stop!! I also got to enjoy myself and vacation and do fun things. After completing 2 tv spots and 3 feature films, pilots, pageants, training, modeling and much more in 2007, 2008 was a fun time to travel, vacation, relax, and do new things and of course working on plans for 09′..2009 is a special year to renew focus and work hard here in Los Angeles ,and to get back into the gym ,thank goodness for my metabolism its been since 07′!..LOL! Im excited for new things in the works. 2008 I started my clothing line and worked on opening a accessories store . After all the trademarks and copy right laws are final and the process becomes completed for the line, I will be able to release it to the public. its exciting. I thank god for all he has done and I’m excited for this year and all 2009 has in store! I wish you ALL the very best. XOXO angel
omg. so long!
Happy Thanksgiving first off. Hope all are you are enjoying it with your family and loved ones. Im so sorry its been so long since I last wrote. I have been busy traveling and working on the clothing line as well. I have to copy right and trademark the name which takes 6-9 months, ugh . so a delayed arrival. sorry guys! I promise it will be here sooner or later. A lot of hectic in my personal life as well. keeping busy honey with my updated as he prepares to open his new business which i’m really excited about n blessed and pray all goes well. Having fun. doing new things this year. I will be renewed motivation to work hard on somethings. as I took a much needed break for the most part. hope everybody is enjoying the holidays. They are so much fun and im so excited as I dragged my honey into Louis V. yesterday at the Hollywood Mall. to pick out my Christmas presents. Lol. A time to let go and eat cookies and enjoy the season! God Bless!! XOXOXOX ANGEL
Bday, Rumors & News
Hi Everyone! next week i will be traveling to sin city for my bday in June Im looking forward to laying out, Celebrating, Shopping and Having a good time!RUMOR NEWS–So I hear there is a rumor about me releasing a clothing line this summer.. Is it true? Or just a Well You will just have to wait and see…Thanks for all the support my official myspace is back up and running. if i lost you as a friend feel free to re-add me . As i lost some friends, and contacts. l Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and the summer! Till Next time.. Angel Monroe
been awhile! lol
Its been awhile so i thought i’d post a blog entry! a lot wow. bought a house! a huge house, my castle. love it. went out of the country x2 one for filming and one for vacay. went to Vegas got engaged! lol working on stuff that wont start till summer or later. but will be back to work modeling doing tons of shoots and acting by June. taking time off to enjoy life! been busy moving and traveling. Also going to be doing some awesome stuff this summer and will have videos of this stuff later!!.and what else..oh yea, a little story.. been singing since little..performed various cities in fl, church ,school, venues, etc. Moved to l.a. made a raw karaoke video. My guy good friend that passed away knew a rep at capital records they told him she has the perfect look for marketing and performing as a singer get us a studio cut. I never did go.I know call me Crazy..but I had a plan and just moved to L.A…I focused on what I’m truly a natural at: acting . Then Landing a starring role in my independent movie and more from there. My point is I only wanted to focus on one goal to be the best at it.. so I did & will be focusing on acting. and after I complete this yrs projects that are in store in for me…, first with modeling than acting, then maybe when time is perfect so it turns out perfect. I will get with a talented producer I know and hope he creates me a good beat so i can do my thing and all that creative madness! anyway god bless you all. It’s been nice taking off after working non stop for 2 yrs. I finally got what i needed to move forward!
-Angel Monroe
UPDATED/EDITED..Happy New Yr! Info to fans and News to all!
First and for most I want to wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year!!! Time does Fly!!! Take every moment to make a memory. Life is A Rollar Coaster so enjoy the ride!Note to Fans! My sincerest apology, on the purchased photos! I have been behind. They will all be sent out this month!!(updated:sent out date:march) Thanks for purchasing!!!News! 2008 happy year.. I Have a couple big projects in the works.. Its kinda unbelievable!Check back for details. I love u all! god bless!


Happy Holidays! I am so happy to announce the official Sneak Peak to my new Feature Film is up! in my “Spotlight” gallery & set to release sometime late 2008/early 09′ take a look! This was an amazing starring role and a great launch into 2008! which will be an amazing year! Enjoy your winter, i am taking off for the holiday season! Here’s some pics from the movie, which are also in my spotlight section. Oh and my Feature Film Cheerleader Massacre is going to be on soon! Yay! Lots of meetings for me this winter as i plan for the new year! enjoy!—Angel
Emergency Room Nightmare
Dear Friends, Fans, & FamilyI may have neglected my myspace & website for awhile.Besides the fact I have been filming and traveling. I was in the Emergency Room for a while.Please take a moment to read and be aware for yourself and others.

I was sick for like 8days throwing up. major stomach pains,.Hot/cold chills. waking up in a pool of sweat & up & down high fever.

My Boyfriend suggest to take me to Urgent Care or E.R. But I hate doctor’s needles and e.r. so I waited it out till I couldn’t wait any longer. Finally with 103 fever and severe stomach pain. I went to the Hospital.

The pain was so bad the doctor gave me an i.v of morphine. & it did not subside!!!!. They end up taking 30 (at least) ampules of blood. and giving me demerol for the pain… left and right. and cat scans on my stomach ,kidney, organs and heart. wheel chairs ,ect ect. Finally turns out I had ” E.Coli” from eating SALADS!!!!! . I had to have Kidney surgery awake!!(on my right kidney) under local anesthetic. of course the demerol and local floored me and I knocked out.. so my right kidney was infected and inflamed and not working at all from e.coli.! The cat scan showed it was spreading thru my stomach and if it had the chance to Hit my left kidney , My body would of slowly shut down.

The doctor Said I was super lucky I came when I did. He said if I would of waited a few more days , e. coli would have hit my left kidney ,& My body would not been able to function and I would of died instantly. Thank God! I went to the hospital. I was in there for so many days.. and it was no fun. they drained all the bacteria from my kidney. And I am still in bed recovering for a month on medication, I cant eat anything raw…so I have been sticking with Pasta!! my Italian heritage… NO salads for me!!!

I was well taken care of by my boyfriend. As well as a few close friends came to the hospital.. and my dad who flew from FL, and they didn’t leave my side. Everything’s ok still recovering….

E.coli supposedly is a quiet epidemic right now in cali. My parents saw it on the news in FLA. Apparently I wasn’t the only one catching this in my area… My case was worse since I waited so long to see a doctor. They cleared the shelves in Ralph’s of ready made salads and all the lettuce. and I quite frankly think i got it from one of my favorite sushi restaurants I ate at daily(salads). Please be careful, and remember to wash your fruits, spinach, salad lettuce, and raw vegetables. Cook food well done and PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. SO WE CAN ALL PREVENT THIS AND LIVE SAFELY. It is not just salad its all raw food and under cooked meat that can carry this harmful bacteria. Take Care, I will be trying to make it to work in the studio tmr. for my film’s necessary A.D.R (Sound recording)..other than my film finishing touch’s. The FINAL CUT of the movie preview/trailer will be released in a few weeks..ahh!!! Im so excited!!!!!! Im taking a break to recover for now…. sux no more gym/hiking/boxing for awhile:( &

no more sushi and salads :(..for now..

Take Care,

Love Angel Monroe.

PS. Read about Rush Hour3 in the forum section..feel free to add any forum


My Feature Film Trailer!!!
Hey everyone just a quick note! My trailer for AmerAsian will be out this summer and on my site!!.This will open up more doors and major opportunities thru out the future. The Film schedules to release Sept 2008.!! This has been such an incredible experience. Not to mention I met some of the best friends & cast mates. It’s a memory I will never forget. & I have the final call back for the film in fountain valley right before my bday, which in June ..getting old..ha ha OK.. not quite…lol god bless, enjoy your summer Angel Monroe
New Film’s
Hi Everyone, Hope your looking forward to the summer. I just landed a call back to a Feature Film I tried out for in Fountain Valley this past weekend. Auditions are nerve wreaking, but call backs are more so. Also in July my agents and I will be preparing negotiating & contracting for a Feature Film project I got cast for. Shooting begins late this summer.(more details tba) I got cast without auditioning, they met me and my agents, after hearing by word of mouth about me. Building a good rep. is important. This will be a very successful project. Also I just got cast for another Feature Film entitled “IN THE FACE OF DESTINY”. Which I will be filming in Canada. A film about the music world , good and evil. Check it out:
scroll to may17th news

I will be doing two mag shoots this summer and most likely 2 portfolio shoots. And I will have the additional reels up in the spotlight section soon. Lots more to share and more coming up, but I must keep that quiet for now. God Bless. Angel
Ps. Thank You for all the continued support and purchases in my store! I will be getting those pics out soon, I also added a additional photo to my store, enjoy ?


Up to Date!
Hi Friends, Family and Fans, It has been quite awhile since I made my last blog entry. I have been transitioning between projects. A lot is in the works. Praying for the best, If any of you caught the first episode of “Human Giant” On Mtv, You may have seen me, I was a part of that shoot a couple months ago and it just aired. I have been so busy I kept missing it!! & i don’t know all that t-bo whatever stuff,! I also was working on a pilot for cbs (LOS DUQUES ), and Feature Film “Hyena’s” a cheesy “B” list, horror movie for HBO. It was a ton of fun and I was fortunate to meet some really great people! Currently It has been hectic. I just bought the car of my dreams the sl550 “amg” Mercedes. Its beautiful, and exactly how I always envisioned it.(pics are old myspace or fb(URL:angelmodel/ angel.monroe)) I have been traveling a lot .(Which I plan to do a lot more of this summer) and then I got sick, so now I am playing catch up!!(with my never ending e-mails..yes I’m getting there ? ) I sure do have my work cut out for me.. Right now I will be focusing on training for summer, Because I have a Few different Photoshoots and Bikini Parts in films to prepare for(check my schedule for details) Other than that I will keep you posted!! All the best , Much Success and Happiness to All ……GOD BLESS, Angel Monroe
On Set America’s Next It Girl-Pilot for E!
HEY! Well we had to do this action scene on set. Where we had to jump into a convertible vet. not get in..jump in. drive a course, kick down a door, come up with lines, and all this while holding unloaded but heavy machine guns, like as if we were in a real killing/fbi scenario. It was fun and intense. The best was yet to come! Yesterday on set , I shot my first Real Gun!!! We were armed and loaded!! training in a shooting range, I shot a pistol 7 times!!! what a rush! It was kinda of scary at first I felt like I was committing a crime. But all and all it was a blast!!!!! just seeing the smoke come off the end of the pistol was even cool. They were heavy!and I kept accidentally putting my hand on the trigger after each shot and your not suppose too!! I screamed and jumped, shook and even got teary eyed.. ha ha im a dork! But I survived!!! Watch out I am Officially Trained, Armed, Loaded and Dangerous!! j/K 0:-) i love my job.. more to come god bless!
Filming New pilot Tv show For E! entertainment.
Okay so January is officially Pilot Season. And I Landed a Pilot Tv show FOR E! Entertainment!!!! It kinda caught me by surprise when I got the call. it’s called “America’s Next it Girl” Lol … Honestly I was not even trying to go on the audition cause I did not really know if I am really America’s it girl.? Well I guess I am!!. ..My former boss from Miller Lite Promotional Modeling referred me to the Network. And I went in for screening they loved me! They originally weren’t going to put me in cause I have already shot a tv show for E Entertainment before, but I guess I did something right because they decided to anyway. I really couldn’t fathom what was taking place when she was explaining all this to me. We start the shoot on jan 14!I am still in a little shock, but happy :)this is a good start to the New Year 2007 God Bless, Angel Monroe”Trust the Lord with all your heart and don’t depend on your own understanding. Remember the Lord in all you do and he will give you Success” – Proverbs 3:5-6


Cheers to 2007! Looking back on 2006 it has been such a phenomenal year. I have grown so much as a person and have learned so much! Looking back I realized this year I have accomplished more than I thought.. Getting my sag card, Competing in several Hawaiian Tropic Competitions and making It all the way to the California state Finals. Competing in Miss California America. Doing several photoshoots, performing for Casting directors and networks. Shooting pilot for Cbs, Attending film/tv school.Getting Imdb Credits, Landing my first HD film and 2 commercials and 3 Feature films, And making Life lasting friendships! I could not be happier! IT will be a great year..So… Lets make a toast ! God Bless, Angel Monroe 0;-)
my love
Dear Fans & friends, I just got home from set. and decided to post a blog. Filming has been incredible, I love everyone on set and feel so loved. A fan wrote me a letter saying I “work” too much and must make time for fun. or life will get “dull” But what I have come to realize is I am the happiest i have ever been or imagined i would be. I am having fun at work everyday!what i do is fun. It’s my dream. A dream come true. and it is still new to me , and I am just beginning. it seems so surreal. It still gives me butterflies when my directors tell me I am a great actress. Something I always felt true to my heart. Anyone can succeed in their dreams by faith and belief in themselves, my father taught me that. i am in love with acting, I found something that truly makes me happy where i can be “me”! it may sound cliche but thank you to god above. thank you for all the love support & interest in me and my career. All of the best & love, angel
First Day on set Cheerleader Massacres
Dear Fans,Quick note! We started filming early! Filming is from 10-25 till 2nd week of November. So I am booked out until then. We shot and hr north of L.A. in the canyon mountains.I had no cell phone reception, actually no one did!! I may be slow responding to emails next couple weeks . The Girls are all so nice and beautiful!!!! And the food was amazing!! and so was the staff and crew!! The Casting director told us he went threw apx. 8,000 submissions of actors before picking the entire cast, Thats a lot! I feel special!…lol!!We had some hilarious moments more on that later! ;), ♥angel
3rd Times a Charm! 3rd Feature just cast~!!!
Dear Fans and friends! I am so excited to explain I landed a new part!! In a thriller/ comedy feature film Titled Cheerleaders Massacres! I am one of the principle leads “Cindy”. Also my last film is wrapped!Our Director is putting together our press kits. Film will be set to release fall2007/winter 2008. Hopefully I can obtain some reel footage soon. I will be taking in my other 3 reels and commercials to the editors soon, so I can post for you all. Today was hectic I had my call backs for another feature and 3 other auditions in 2 opposite directions, hrs across town..Omg.. but I made it to all of them some how,=) Anyway, Take Care! and be safe on halloween =) God bless- Miss Angel
“Quiet on the Set. Everybody at one. Roll Camera, Roll Sound, Sound Speed.Camera Speed. Settle.Picture’s Up …..& Action!” .. This is an example of what i hear on set 1000x a!! I am having the best time of my whole life! I could never be happier! I love waking up every morning to be on set. I have been blessed with such an amazing cast and crew were all like family..we are together all day everyday. I will be sad when it’s wrapped. I enjoy laughing everyday and playing such a great role. Being Lead has been so Incredible. I Have challenged myself so much with this dramatic role. I have sang , cried , and even played some baseball with the!!I’m living my dreamS!!! I cannot be thankful enough for such a great experience , the people I have been fortunate enough to meet and work with and all that has recently occurred in my life & career! More Photos: see my behind the scene/events photo’s section for more on set photos. What a great month thus far! God Bless !!!!!!!!!- Miss Angel
2 Feature Films & 2nd Commercial …Most Incredible, Busy Week!!!
So many Incredible things have happened this month! As I returned from my long trip I booked a supporting role for an Independent Feature you know. Well the director called me in to read for the lead. After call back, after call back, after call back.. and memorizing ,studying, constructive criticism, ect ect.. The Final call last weekend, After my Final read the director had a tear role down his face and said I “Nailed it” At that moment I felt like I acted better than I ever thought or imagined I was capable of! So I am “LEAD” actress in My First Feature! omg! So happy. NEXT… I booked a Commercial for Pepsi Company’s “Mountain Dew Soda”! We shoot Sat. 8-19! MORE… After landing the “Lead” In the Feature. I received the call back for another Feature Film I auditioned for. A supporting role. As a high school Senior! More details as shooting goes on! Movie shoots start Tues, & I have an another interview Monday! Details will remain private till permitted. That’s 2 Feature Films and my 2nd Commercial In one month!!!I have fans asking where to send things, Fan mail , questions, Letters, ect.. So I finally got a P.O. Box. for you!! Please send all mail here.. for fan mail address or amazon amonroeinc Thank you again for all the continued support! God Bless. Angel Monroe
Indie. Feature Film..Did I land the part?
Well it is official I think I am in love! ..with my acting career that is! After shooting my hd film & commercial. I was on cloud nine & took a vacation to be with my family and close friends for my birthday. But , So Anxious & eager to get home and back to work. Upon arriving back to Los Angeles I went to my audition for an independent Feature Film. The part I auditioned for I did not get cast for. BUT.. get this..The director cast me for a different role, a supporting role. =) Its funny cause the part I initially tried for was a girl with “bad intentions”, and the one I end up getting cast for was the college girl with “good intentions” ..sounds good to me..after all I am an angel..right? So anyhow I told him I was honored to be any part of the film! I’m so thrilled we start shooting this month. It’s my first supporting role in a feature =)The film is expected to be a big hit. Especially over here in Hollywood. The producer has worked on some outstanding features. I will definitely keep you posted once I am permitted to give out details & links =)

Until shooting is finished I will not be taking on any more modeling assignments , besides the few I have already committed to,& my auditions. I want to give 100% to my character/role. My acting class has been amazing a true blessing and learning foundation for me. My coach was voted one of the best acting coach’s In L.A. also a respected Hollywood actor. He calls me his lucky star ? cause he told the class he went to a psychic just for fun and the lady said to him there is some one in your life named “Angel” who is your “Lucky Star”. He said wow Angel’s gonna be a star.. Hm? sounds good. Anyway I also found a great new church and I love my life and career I am so happy & It’s only getting better. (Check back in a few weeks I will have the store back up & new updated spotlight links)


My first Movie!
Today was the first day on set of my hd-tv film! Omg! I am on cloud nine!!! The crew (director, producer, ad, ect) were sooo outstanding!! And the cast!! what talented actors! I met so many talented great people , who have appeared or worked on features and series already! And we had sooo much fun!! we laughed allll day!! I had all my lines down to the “T” & Everyone made me feel right at home! so after the first take the nerves calmed down! lol..Im sooo excited were also taking the film to the film festivals this year, and were all having a wrap celebration when we finish filming! wow life is good!
Been so busy
Hi Everyone! I know it’s been awhile since I have taken the time to get back to everyone. Oh my goodness I have been busy.Let me briefly fill you in.. I made it it to the California State finals For Miss Hawaiian Tropics, Soooo fun! The entire weekend we were put in a luxury resort to compete, do photoshoots, and tv interviews.I have been Accepted in a wonderful new Film Acting School. Classes start tomorrow!!I start new fitness training at a private facility ..geared toward serious and professional athletes and swimwear/fitness models..Very excited!!

I shoot my first Commercial the day before my birthday! So exciting:)

I booked a test shoot a National mag. and possible Billboard. scheduled to shoot in fall/winter.

>>>>And last but definitely not least!!..

I landed my first Movie role!!!! this past week!!! A short tv film (comedy) that I will co-star in. I’m psyched!!!. The part fits me perfect, I nailed it! and it will be a great Dvd for my reel. Thanks for all the continued support,. More to come… God Bless, Angel



Dear fans,
hi everyone!! O.k. just dropping in real quick to say hi!& fill you all in … Miss California was amazing!! i had soo much fun the girls were all so sweet & it was such an honor being a part of the pageant & the Miss America Organization. It was such a great experience competing in all the America Division pageants this year. Hawaiian tropic updates!! celebrity golf tournament & official California state pageant are set up at a beautiful resort in palm springs april21-23rd I’m soo xcited!! I will also post pics for this event! If I do well, its off to the “CALIFORNIA U.S.A. Hawaiian Tropic Finals” (memorial weekend-1ST wk of June) ***Also.. i just finished shooting a pilot on Friday “company time” going to be aired on cbs! so if the ratings are good it will be a new sitcom show regular! tho I did not play a principle role, i had so much fun shooting as a day player & working on the set, the cast & director were amazing people! we shot till 5 in the morning but every moment was entertainment ! ok i will have new pics up sooon i promise! & much more to chat bout! but now i’m hitting the sack! god bless u all, lov angel
Up & coming !! ?
HEY fans!! lots of great news!! i just received my official union initiation. so i now have my UNION card & i am a active union member! so i can further submit myself for film &television projects. &its great cause it covers your health benefits & retirement! 2nd!—–ITS OFFICIAL– 2wks away till the MISS CALIFORNIA AMERICA Pageant!! im psyched!! wish me well! 3rd–Miss California Hawaiian Tropic pageant is april21st &22 wish me luck! and last but not least miss bikini california is coming up.. (exact dates are still debatable due to location change..) But all is great! Its goin 2 be a great yr & i look forward to sharing all my successes! I am attending performing arts school full time & enjoying life.. cooking, laying in the california sun, working out & shopping for all my pageants…oh & nothing like some good ol’ hollywood hot spot sushi with my friends! thanx to all my friends.. my gym partners, my agent,personal manager& confidon, & my mother , father &grandfather who r my best friends& inspirations! & all my fans !! i love you! god bless!
Happy Holidays!
Yey ! Its my FAVORITE time of year!! and the weather here in L.A, has been amazing!! I unfortunately did not make it back to the East Coast for Turkey Day,(celebrated here with the girls instead ,ha ha, try and imagine that… a bunch of blondes trying to cook a turkey.. lol!!) My parents new home won’t be ready till the week before x-mas! So what an exciting Christmas present to come home too! Cant wait,:-) Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season with lots of cheer!! god bless, love angel
Hello! Everyone! Check out the link below to see this hot interview i did for IGN’S home page!>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<< IGN Interview and pictorial!!lov you lots! god bless always! angel monroe


Corey Clark’s Music video!
Hey everyone! Corey Clarks Music video to his hot new single “Out Of Control” is out!I had so much fun helping corey out and being apart of this project! To watch the video please visit the site below, by clicking on this link: ***<<<< <<<<<< *** and the video will be displayed on a media player! thanks hope you all enjoy! Let me know what you think ? LinkAs for me I am preparing for a catalogue shoot in hawaii,(ujena took some time out for training hardcore, kinda slacked off around my b-day haha! So now I am back at it, also going to acting lessons and doing a theatrical shoot in mid aug. talk to you’ll soon going to hit the gym now!!
fight for fame schedule
Hey everyone if you missed fight for fame on E! no worry’s ? its airing again ! You can see Thursday at 10p sat- 10a & 7 pm and sunday 12pm you can also see my pictures and more schedule information for upcoming shows and contenders, on e!’s website just click on the link below!!****>>>>>***<<<<


chat soon god bless! angel

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